14 September 2021

Debate article raises issues regarding Sweden’s advanced technology environments

The capability to benefit from the specialist research conducted at research infrastructures such as MAX IV and ESS is dependent on advanced technology environments. These environments enable universities, research institutes and industry to collaborate on pushing back technological boundaries in fields such as cancer research and space technology.

The article in the business journal Ny Teknik.

If Sweden is to continue to be a leading innovation country, with its technology environments as an important driver, a sustainable system is needed. 

In a debate article in the business journal Ny Teknik, a number of representatives of universities, companies, and research environments highlight how serious it is that Sweden lacks a suitable structure and funding system to develop advanced technology environments.

According to the authors, including Anna Hall, Director of Big Science Sweden, the new Government Committee report on Sweden’s future research infrastructure leaves many questions unanswered. Responsibility for the technology environments currently falls between two stools and appropriate funding is lacking.

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