21 March 2023

Collaboration the driver of innovation and high-level research

Big Science is the focus of a panel debate during Sveriges innovationsriksdag in Lund (21-23 March), an annual event connecting people from across the entire Swedish innovation ecosystem.

Catarina Sahlberg, Programme Director Big Science Sweden, is taking part in the panel debate, “Lund Innovation District and the benefits of the research facilities MAX IV & ESS”.

Catarina Sahlberg explains the importance of Sweden's Big Science facilities.

"MAX IV and ESS will provide Sweden with unique conditions for conducting high-level research, but will also create new opportunities for collaboration between academia and industry as the facilities develop."

This year, Sveriges innovationsriksdag 2023 coincides with Sweden Innovation Days, also an annual event. The focus this year is on how to enable innovation that has a real impact on our society, environment, and economy.

Lund Innovation District and the benefits of the research facilities MAX IV & ESS

Thursday 23 March, 09.10, Main Stage, Ideon Science Park, Lund


  • Christian Lindfors, CEO, Science Village
  • Sindra Petersson Årsköld, Senior Advisor, ESS
  • Olof Karis, CEO, MAX IV
  • Latifa Melk, Material Development Expert, Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions
  • Catarina Sahlberg, Programme Director, Big Science Sweden
  • Carl Johan Fagerström, CEO, Fagerström Industrikonsult AB
  • Magnus Fredriksson, Program Manager, Alfa Laval