11 September 2023

Check out: How to Register and Submit Bids (BiSS Lathund)

Have complicated procurement procedures ever put you off bidding for contracts from Big Science research organisations? We have just what you need! Our handy guide is packed with practical information.

“BiSS Lathund – upphandlingsinformation till 15 Big Science-anläggningar” is a fantastic resource that describes procurement procedures at the major Big Science research facilities. The BiSS-guide, which is in Swedish, explains what you should consider before submitting a bid and outlines how the research organisations assess the tenders they receive. Links take you to more detailed information specific to each facility.

"Makes the process so much easier"

Fredrik Löfgren, technical consultant at Relitor Engineering in Luleå, has taken a look at the guide, and notes how practical it is to have all this information gathered in one place.

“This makes the process so much easier, and is certainly of value for our business. Particularly useful are all the links to important procurement information provided by the research organisations.”

How to register and submit tenders

Open the guide and click on any of the sections you are interested in. Are you missing any information that you feel you need? Get in touch!