28 November 2021

Business Corner… for the latest news on procurements

Every Wednesday you are very welcome to join our weekly online meeting to hear the latest news about current procurements and chat with our ILO contacts. Our 30-minute virtual meetings are an effective way to keep up to date and ask questions.

"Business Corner is also a valuable opportunity for us to establish personal contacts with different companies," says Frida Tibblin Citron, Business Development and Project Management, Big Science Sweden.

Our Business Development Managers go methodically through the new procurements announced by the research facilities, and talk about procurement procedures, contact channels, technical specifications, and deadlines.

Many participants have questions about technical specifications and the formalities concerning procurements. If we can’t give you an answer directly during the meeting, we can refer you to someone who can. Knowledge transfer regarding current procurements is an important way for Swedish tech companies to widen their contact network and increase business with the research facilities.

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