26 June 2020

Big Science Sweden welcomes new colleagues

During the spring, the Big Science Sweden team has been strengthened with two new colleagues – Charlotte Lorentz Hjort in Lund and Staffan Sjödin in Göteborg

Charlotte, Process Manager Tech Transfer in Lund – who are you?

I have a degree in Business and Economics, and my most recent position was CEO of an incubator/Science Park. I’ve worked in various technological areas, but my specialisation is innovation support and how to build up a common field between academia, the business community, and the public sector, to lay a platform for successful innovation projects.

This is the experience I’m bringing to Big Science Sweden. My assignment is to further develop Big Science Sweden with a Tech Transfer Office function in relation to large-scale research facilities. Together with CERN, we’re developing the CERN Knowledge Transfer & Big Science Sweden Collaboration Programme.

The challenge for me now is to get to know a new area of technology, which means a period of intensive learning. I’m interviewing my colleagues at Big Science Sweden and holding discussions with people at CERN.

Staffan, new Business Development & Project Manager in Göteborg – who are you?

I have a degree in Technical Physics and a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Chalmers University of Technology, and I’ve been working with R&D issues in a number of companies for many years. For some time, I’ve been particularly interested in problems at the interface between academic research and business.

Big Science Sweden serves an important function. It will be an exciting challenge to help generate more orders for Sweden, which would improve the balance between its financial contributions to the research facilities and the revenues generated by orders from them.

My focus now is on learning about how Big Science Sweden works, so that I can start to make a contribution as quickly as possible. Not least, it’s important for me to get to know the companies and what they can offer, and also to learn more about the research facilities.