5 October 2023

Big Science Sweden visits Swerim in Luleå

In September, Adam Wikström and Fredrik Engelmark from Big Science Sweden visited the metals research institute Swerim in Luleå. The guided tour showed the range of services and areas of expertise the institute can offer.

Fredrik Engelmark, Lars-Olov Nordberg and Adam Wikström. "Exciting to see such an impressive facility and to follow how they test the flow from ore to granule."

Swerim conducts needs-based industrial research and development concerning metals and their route from raw material to finished product. The institute has laboratories in Luleå and Stockholm.

Research, analyses and testing

During the visit, Lars-Olov Nordberg, senior researcher at Swerim, talked about the research and testing done at the institute and showed Adam and Fredrik around the laboratories. Both were impressed by what they heard and saw.

“A fascinating facility – so interesting to see all the different stations and learn more about what can be done here,” said Fredrik Engelmark.

Swerim is a member of Big Science Sweden. Discussions during the visit included how the institute works with the Big Science research organisations.