6 March 2023

Big Science Sweden team looks ahead

Our Strategy Days, most recently held in Kiruna last week, are an effective and productive way to put forward and discuss new ideas, bring the team closer together, and draw up short- and long-term plans. 

The Big Science Sweden team, deep inside the LKAB mine in Kiruna.

Last week, much of the Big Science team headed north, to Kiruna, for some intensive days of discussions on our strategic work ahead.

As always, two recurring themes were central in the discussions. How can we best improve the chances of Swedish industry winning orders from the Big Science research organisations, and how can we strengthen Sweden as a Big Science nation?

The Strategy Days also included an underground excursion, into the LKAB mine in Kiruna – the world’s biggest iron ore mine. We were given a guided tour 540 metres below the surface, and heard about the remarkable technological development, from the hard manual work of the miner in the early days to the automated extraction methods used today.