25 August 2020

Big Science Sweden in partnership with the CERN Knowledge Transfer Group

Big Science Sweden is expanding its operations by setting up a Tech Transfer Office. This is an important step that will enable us to make scientific and technological development accessible to a wider range of users in Sweden.

We are developing our Tech Transfer Office by establishing collaboration programmes with the large research facilities of which Sweden is a member. A first collaboration has been initiated with CERN, in which we will identify strategic innovation challenges in companies and match them with unique CERN know-how and technology. 

The Knowledge Transfer group at CERN aims to engage with experts in science, technology and industry in order to create opportunities for the transfer of CERN’s technology and know-how. The ultimate goal is to accelerate innovation and maximise the global positive impact of CERN on society. Big Science Sweden is now a partner.

Discovery Day – Innovate with CERN

On 14 October, we will be holding our first event within the collaboration programme, Discovery Day – Innovate with CERN.  See our Calendar for more details.