19 April 2021

Big Science Sweden In Brief 2020

In this report we sum up 2020, a year in which things have definitely not been as normal. However, Big Science Sweden, together with our partners, successfully landed in a virtual world.

Despite the pandemic, we managed to create constructive arenas for industry, academia, institutes, research infrastructures, and international partners. In this report, you can read about our events, our collaborations, and our success factors.

Without a doubt, we have all missed the physical meetings, with discussions and interactions over a cup of coffee. However, 2020 did create opportunities to connect with people all over the world in a new, hands-on, digital, and convenient way. Our virtual events attracted over a thousand participants in total.

At Big Science Sweden we continued to extend our international network. We arranged events where Swedish industry, academia, and institutes acquired new knowledge and set up new collaborations, and where valuable relationships were built for the future. Our events comprise important arenas as we continue to build Sweden as a Big Science nation.

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