7 February 2024

Big Science Sweden Awards 2024

It is often key people, companies, or organisations that, with their own unique drive, are helping to place Sweden firmly on the international Big Science map. Big Science Sweden expresses its warmest congratulations to the winners of this year’s awards.

Patric Dehlfors (Qamcom Technology), Stefan Wikman (Fusion For Energy), Barbro Åsman, (Stockholm University/CERN), Elias Waagaard (CERN).

The popular evening dinner after the first day of the Forum included the presentation of our Big Science Sweden Awards for individuals or companies/organisations showing particular engagement in four categories: Industry, University, Inspiration, and Research Facility

Thanks for all your efforts! Big Science Sweden looks forward to further rewarding collaboration in the future.

Category – Industry

Qamcom Research and Technology

Over a number of years, Qamcom has built up impressive expertise and developed specialist technology in the field of high-frequency electronics. This technology is not only complex and high quality – it is also competitive in the demanding international Big Science market. Qamcom’s long-term strategy includes a focus on Big Science, and the company is actively expanding its contact network at the big research organisations.

In 2023, these efforts bore fruit, resulting in, for example, a significant contract with SKAO, the world’s most advanced radio astronomy observatory. Qamcom will be supplying subsystems with digital converters for the SKA-Mid telescope in South Africa, one of Sweden’s first industrial contracts from this groundbreaking facility.

Category – University

Barbro Åsman, Professor Emeritus, Stockholm University/CERN

Barbro Åsman, professor emeritus at Stockholm University, has devoted her life to elementary particle physics research, and has been deeply involved with the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. As well as being an eminent researcher, she has worked tirelessly on pushing for gender equality in a male-dominated field and ensuring that students and teachers are inspired by Big Science. She is also an influential voice on policy and funding issues regarding research infrastructures, particularly emphasising the importance of Sweden increasing the return on its major investments. We also appreciate how Barbro supports us in many aspects of our work at Big Science Sweden. 

Category – Facility

Stefan Wikman, Fusion For Energy

Stefan Wikman is a highly appreciated key person in the Big Science Sweden network. As Head of the Materials & Manufacturing Technologies & Processes Group at Fusion for Energy he is always prepared to share his knowledge at theme days, in presentations, and in educational programmes. With Stefan’s help we have been able to connect Swedish companies with strategic personnel at both F4E and ITER, thereby laying a foundation for new, long-term collaborations. 

Category – Inspiration

Elias Waagaard, PhD candidate in Accelerator Physics, CERN

The Big Science Sweden Outreach initiative aims to arouse Swedish students’ interest in Big Science as a future career route. A driving force helping us in this work is Elias Waagaard, doctoral student in accelerator physics at CERN. His infectious enthusiasm and engagement for CERN and Big Science comes across in both social media and lecture halls, making an invaluable contribution to our Outreach activities.

Elias will soon be going out on tour, meeting Swedish students at different universities. This personal meeting cannot be beaten for increasing awareness about the breadth of opportunities offered by the Big Science research organisations.

Dinner at the magnificent Grand Hotel in Lund

<p>The Swedish Big Science Forum 2024 ended in the traditional way with a joint dinner at Grand Hotel in Lund.</p>

The Swedish Big Science Forum 2024 ended in the traditional way with a joint dinner at Grand Hotel in Lund.

<p>Dinner and the awards ceremony, along with further opportunities to build relationships.</p>

Dinner and the awards ceremony, along with further opportunities to build relationships.

Swedish Big Science Forum in Lund 2024

Swedish Big Science Forum is our biennial event where high-tech industry and academia meet with European Big Science organisations to hear about the latest developments and explore new opportunities. The forum is characterised by stimulating presentations and discussions, along with plenty of opportunities for networking.