25 April 2022

Big Science Business Forum 2022 in October • The Swedish Pavilion

Big Science Sweden will be hosting the Swedish Pavilion on Stands 5 and 6 on the first floor. If your company is attending BSBF2022, but is not hosting its own exhibition space, the Swedish Pavilion gives you a unique opportunity to show what your company can offer Big Science.

Participation in the Swedish Pavilion will provide you with exposure to the Big Science organisations arranging the event, as well as hundreds of other businesses and stakeholders in the Big Science market.

The stand will be manned by Big Science Sweden staff while you are busy attending the conference sessions and networking. However, you will be able to use the Pavilion as a meeting point if you wish to arrange initial discussions on procurements and collaborations with representatives from the research facilities and other companies.

Why BSBF2022 is an important congress for Big Science Sweden
Big Science Sweden’s main task is to connect Swedish industry and academia with international research organisations. We open doors and find ways for Swedish high-tech companies, universities, and research institutes to broaden their contact networks and win more contracts with Big Science facilities.

One of our main arenas for networking is the large international Big Science events, like BSBF2022. You will meet our ILOs and most of the Big Science Sweden team in the Swedish Pavilion in the exhibition.