18 March 2024

Big Science a new market for ElectroHeat

By winning its first Big Science contract, an order from CERN, ElectroHeat is stepping into a new market that will involve a greater focus on research and development. “This is an exciting market for us, with great potential for more business,” says Sales Manager Felix Warnmark.

Felix Warnmark, Sales Manager at ElectroHeat.

ElectroHeat Sweden in Göteborg

ElectroHeat Sweden AB, with its head office in Göteborg, makes industrial ovens and heat treatment equipment for industrial companies all over the world. The ovens are used for heating processes that benefit the working life of a component, for example by increasing strength, temperature resistance, ductility, and surface hardness.

In the new order from CERN, ElectroHeat will be designing, constructing, producing, and delivering an 850°C oven for heating steel.

Tight tolerances

The specifications from CERN were strict, including requirements for temperature precision and evenness, and tight tolerances. 

“It’s always difficult to know what you’re up against, but we stressed we could satisfy the specifications for tight tolerances. I think that was important, and a key factor in this case.”

In this contract, ElectroHeat will be working with its proven model, but this time in a new segment – Big Science.

“Research facilities are a new and exciting market for us. Success in this first order to CERN can mean a breakthrough. Now we know what to do when this type of procurement crops up. There’s great potential for supplying similar machines to other facilities.”

Installation at CERN in November

ElectroHeat will soon start designing and drawing the oven. It will then be produced and delivered in November 2024. Felix Warnmark is looking forward to installing the oven on-site at CERN.

“We travel around and install our ovens at many companies in Sweden. It will be interesting to come to something completely different to a “normal” factory. It’s always been my dream to work with CERN. The particle nerd in me feels it will be really cool!”