20 January 2021

AQ Elautomatik to supply power converter racks to CERN

The Big Science Sweden member company AQ Elautomatik, which has previously supplied orders to ESS and MAX IV, has now won its first order from CERN. Congratulations!

Patrik Olsson, Marketing Coordinator at AQ Elautomatik

The order, a build-to-print project, concerns production, cabling and assembly of five power converter racks, built according to CERN’s specification.

“This was a procurement from CERN that Big Science Sweden told us about,” says Patrik Olsson, Marketing Coordinator at AQ Elautomatik.

”A first order is often an important step, and we’re now in their supplier database.”

AQ Elautomatik collaborates with a network of suppliers. “We’re now receiving the components from our suppliers, some of which are also Big Science Sweden member companies. We’ll be delivering the order to CERN in March,” explains Patrik Olsson.

“At our production facility in Lund, we work with purchasing, project management, final assembly, and testing.”

Håkan Nilsson, Business Developer at Big Science Sweden, “It’s great that one of our member companies has won an order from CERN in the electronics field. This procurement can certainly pave the way for more business in the future,” he says.

AQ Elautomatik designs and produces automation solutions and electrical power and control equipment to match the stringent demands of industrial customers and research facilities. The company has sales, product development, and production facilities in Lund, Västerås, Örnsköldsvik, China, and Bulgaria. 

Big Science Sweden member: AQ Elautomatik