27 May 2021

AQ Elautomatik awarded ESS contract for CHIC control sub-racks

ESS has awarded a contract to a Big Science Sweden member company, AQ Elautomatik, to supply ten CHIC control sub-racks. Patrik Olsson, Marketing Coordinator at AQ Elautomatik, explains. “This order lies completely within the framework of our core business as supplier of electrical and mechanical components for complex systems.”

Patrik Olsson at AQ Elautomatik

“When ESS contacted us about the order, it felt natural for us to submit a tender. We’ve supplied products to ESS previously, and we’re really pleased to be awarded another contract.”

The order will be delivered after the summer, and Patrik Olsson is optimistic about submitting tenders for more control sub-rack orders in the future.

ILO organisations propose suppliers to ESS

ESS has introduced a simplified procurement process for finding suppliers. For orders with an estimated award value of EUR 50-200 thousand, the ILO organisations in the ESS member countries can propose up to three possible suppliers per country. For this particular order Big Science Sweden put forward the names of three member companies. This resulted in AQ Elautomatik, one of the three companies, submitting a tender and being awarded the contract.

Congratulations AQ Elautomatik