13 June 2023

Almedalen Week 2023: How can Sweden grow as a Big Science nation?

Sweden has great potential to win important orders from the international research facilities, but we are at a competitive disadvantage in the Big Science market compared to many other countries.

Every year, Sweden contributes over SEK 2 billion to research facilities around the world. Investments and procurements of nearly EUR 40 billion are planned at 13 of these facilities, but we need to improve our ability to win contracts and thereby increase industrial return on our investments.

Sweden’s potential to grow as a Big Science nation

During Almedalen Week, Big Science Sweden is hosting a panel debate that will examine Sweden’s potential to grow as a Big Science nation.

Discussion topics will include: How can Sweden grow through technical development and business with the large research organisations? What does our industry and academia need to significantly improve their chances of winning more orders and entering more collaborations? How can we bring about change in the Swedish system to ensure that Sweden can benefit fully from its investments?

Join us at our panel debate! Please note that the discussion will be held in Swedish.

Panel members

  • Mikael Dahlgren, Head of ABB Corporate Research Sweden, ABB
  • Tom Eriksson, Head of Strategic Research, Alleima (previously Sandvik Materials Technology)
  • Stefan Christiernin, Head of Strategic Knowledge and Research, Volvo Cars
  • Charlotte Platzer-Björkman, Deputy Vice Rector, Faculty of Science and Technology, Uppsala University
  • Daniel Rencrantz, Deputy Director General, Vinnova
Moderator and Introduction
  • Fredrik Engelmark, Business Developer, Big Science Sweden
  • Catarina Sahlberg, Programme Director, Big Science Sweden

Location: Uppsala University, Gotland Campus, Almedalsbiblioteket, Room E22, Cramérgatan 5