15 February 2023

Alleima: “Interesting to see how our material can be used at CERN.”

Alleima – formerly Sandvik Materials Technology – are leading experts in materials technology. Tom Eriksson from Alleima took part in a study visit to CERN together with Big Science Sweden, and made use of the opportunity to meet CERN’s materials group.

Tom Eriksson, Executive Vice President and Head of Strategic Research at Alleima.

Alleima has an established business relationship with CERN, and is regularly receiving invitations for new procurements, via Big Science Sweden or Alleima’s sales team. Tom Eriksson, Executive Vice President and Head of Strategic Research at the company, has a background in research himself, and says it is exciting to work with a challenging client like CERN.

“It’s really rewarding to be present on site where it’s actually happening, and where the research frontier is being advanced. Our deliveries are often special orders, and for me it’s interesting to see, how our materials can be used at CERN.”

“We can match CERN’s stringent demands.”

During the visit Tom Eriksson met CERN’s materials group together with Fredrik Engelmark from Big Science Sweden. Discussion topics included future needs and Alleima’s capacity.

“We’re experienced, we have an attractive materials portfolio with different types of steel and special alloys, and we can make adjustments in our recipes in accordance with CERN’s specific needs. This means that we can match CERN’s stringent demands.”

When Tom Eriksson looks ahead, he sees a continued rewarding relationship with CERN. Alleima monitors the latest developments and responds to relevant procurements. Tom also follows with great interest what is happening on the research front, both at CERN and at other research facilities, such as ITER in France, where research is conducted on fusion energy.

“What they’re doing at ITER is investigating a completely new way of generating energy. It’s interesting to follow what’s happening in the renewable energy area – an exciting part of Big Science that will generate more business in the future.”