6 May 2024

Alleima and Uppsala University sign strategic partnership

Uppsala University and Alleima, global manufacturer of highly refined stainless steel and special alloys, recently signed a strategic partnership agreement that will contribute to sustainable development by promoting the circular economy in basic industries.

Tom Eriksson, Head of Strategic Research at Alleima and Charlotte Platzer Björkman, vice-rector at Uppsala University, celebrate the signing of the new partnership agreement.

Uppsala University

Through the partnership with Alleima, the university hopes to find new areas in which they can work together on tackling the challenges associated with the transition to a sustainable society and a circular economy.

“It’s especially stimulating to work close to Swedish basic industry, which is now on a technological journey towards the green transition,” says Charlotte Platzer Björkman, vice-rector at Uppsala University.


Tom Eriksson, Head of Strategic Research at Alleima, is looking forward to strengthening the collaboration.

“The focus of the partnership is on materials science, but we also collaborate with, for example, researchers at the Department of Information Technology and Industrial Technology.”

Big Science Sweden

Fredrik Engelmark, Collaboration Manager at Uppsala University Innovation Partnership Office, and also Business Developer at Big Science Sweden, has a wide contact network in both academia and industry.

“One of my most important tasks is to build relationships, and that is also a significant part of my role in the partnership,” he says. “I will be helping Alleima find the right researchers at the university, and vice versa.”

Uppslala university wants to contribute to societal benefit and innovation, while strengthening research and higher education. The university already has four strategic partnerships with the companies Volvo Car Corporation and Hitachi Energy, as well as with Uppsala Municipality and Region Gotland.