15 February 2023

AIMday Materials: 15 companies, 40 researchers, 22 challenges

AIMday Materials at Uppsala University brought together industry representatives and researchers to discuss challenges, new ideas, and collaboration projects in materials science.

AimDay Materials, 9 February 2023, at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University

Materials science is an exciting and vibrant interdisciplinary research field at Uppsala University. The aim of AIMday Materials is to identify and support R & D projects in collaboration, enabling innovations that meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Ahead of AIMday Materials on 9 February, 15 companies and organisations had submitted questions relating to challenges in materials science. No fewer than 22 identified challenges then set the agenda for face-to-face discussions between industry representatives and researchers.

Discussions sow the seeds for new collaboration projects

AIMday Materials is a unique opportunity for companies to sit down at the same table and hold discussions directly with researchers. Helena Bysell, Collaboration Manager at Uppsala University and responsible for this year’s AIMday Materials, was very satisfied with the day.

“Discussions about everything from batteries and energy storage to medical sensors, circular material flows, and parchment paper generate new ideas and opportunities for future collaboration projects that can look into the issues in more detail.”

“It’s fantastic to see how AIMday Materials attracts interest from both industrial representatives and researchers at the university.