15 May 2024

AIMday in Lund leads to exciting prestudies

Our AIMday Big Science Technology, which we arranged as part of the Swedish Big Science Forum in Lund at the start of the year, has resulted in a number of interesting prestudies.

Together with industry and academia, FAIR, CERN, EISCAT, and F4E will now be getting the prestudies under way, which are aimed at tackling the challenges identified by the research organisations in conjunction with the AIMday.

The prestudies span a range of technological fields. The project partners will be examining in depth, for example, solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) for large research infrastructures, metallurgical bonding of tungsten to a copper alloy, and truncated cosine-theta magnet design.

Collaborations with potential for business

Fredrik Engelmark, Business Developer at Big Science Sweden, is pleased with how an AIMday event can initiate new collaborations.

“Looking back, we can see how the discussions during an AIMday, where representatives from a research facility, industry and academia get together around the same table, have resulted in really interesting projects that have strengthened research collaborations and generated significant business for Sweden.”

Prestudies and partnerships

The prestudies and partnerships resulting from our AIMday Big Science Technology 2024 are as follows:


EISCAT_SSPA – Solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) for large research infrastructures

Svensk Energi & Kylanalys (EKA) / AB Caverion – CERN

Prestudy on move from F-GAS chillers to natural refrigerant chillers

Grepit – FAIR

COTS FPGA – Constructing a trigger distribution network of COTS FPGA boards for experiments at FAIR using the Super-FRS

CoorsTek Sweden/Luleå University of Technology – CERN

Metallurgical bonding of tungsten to a copper alloy

MTC Powder Solutions/Luleå University of Technology – F4E

Diffusion bonding of W and Cu


Truncated cosine-theta magnet design

AIMday Big Science Technology

An AIMday is an exchange of knowledge and ideas focused on finding novel approaches to real-world challenges. The idea is that a broad mix of academics and representatives from high-tech companies can offer different perspectives and propose surprising new avenues to solving problems. This promotes continued cooperation between Big Science organisations and Swedish industry and academia.