15 October 2021

AIMday Big Science Technology 2021 proves popular

The annual meeting between research facilities, industry, and academia opens the door to collaborations on new development projects. The popular event attracted around 60 participants.

Ahead of this year’s AIMday Big Science Technology the research facilities CERN, ESS, FAIR and GSI Helmholtz had identified a number of challenges in different categories that they presented for discussion with Swedish industry and academia.

The challenges were addressed in themed workshops, and representatives from high-tech companies and academia were more than happy to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences.

Digital workshops

In the nine digital workshops, participants discussed issues in categories such as Materials, Robotics and Remote Handling, Big Data, and Detector Technology and Diagnostics.

The groups discussed a broad range of topics, from how to handle and use the enormous quantities of data generated by the research facilities to in-depth technical discussions on how to efficiently machine pure tungsten by turning. The latest findings were presented about the perovskites – one interesting application was the potential to use the mineral in the detection of particle pathlines.  

Many issues covered during the day aroused interest in further discussions, paving the way for possible collaborations and joint development projects in the future.

Ecosystem of knowledge around Big Science

Rui Franqueira Ximenes, representative from CERN, brought to the event a number of challenges facing CERN that could be discussed in the various workshops. He was very satisfied with the day.

This is a very fine event for getting into contact with Swedish companies and researchers.

Rui Franqueira Ximenes

AIMday Big Science Technology is one of Big Science Sweden’s recurring forums for meetings between research facilities, industry, and academia. Anna Hall, Director Big Science Sweden sees these events as creating opportunities for participants to make new contacts and take a first step towards future collaborations.

On a day like this, it’s fantastic to see so much knowledge and expertise gathered in the same place, to see how these meetings suggest resolutions to challenges, generate new questions, build relationships, and arouse interest in further discussions and making use of the opportunity to formulate joint projects.

Anna Hall
Director Big Science Sweden