7 February 2024

AIMday at Swedish Big Science Forum 2024

What challenges lie ahead for the international research facilities? What roles can Swedish industry and Swedish researchers play in contributing to solutions? At the AIMday Big Science Technology in Lund, these issues were discussed in several parallel workshops.

Haik Simon from FAIR/GSI introduces his AIMday question before the discussion. Photos: Charlotte Carlberg-Bärg

An AIMday (Academic Industry Meeting day) offers a unique opportunity for Swedish companies and researchers to sit down at the same table, and discuss a specific challenge directly with representatives from the Big Science research organisations.

'One question, one hour' workshops

These 'one question, one hour' workshops focus on various themes, and promote collaboration between Big Science research organisations and Swedish industry and academia.

Advanced technical issues, new collaborations, discussions, informal chats in the breaks, meeting old friends and making new ones.

This AIMday event was Day 2 of the Swedish Big Science Forum 2024, and held at the same venue, the City Hall in Lund.