Transfocator ID03 / ID14 / ID18

Opening date

november 29, 2021

Closing date

januari 13, 2022


Propose suppliers

Research Facility


The Transfocator assembly consists of a series of pneumatically driven actuators holding CU-OFHC cartridges containing the focusing lenses usually in beryllium or aluminium. These cartridges can be water-cooled or not depending on the power density and total power of the incoming X-ray beam. A high precision-machined reference rail in V shape ensures their alignment and by effect the lenses alignment. The assembly of cartridges is held inside a vacuum vessel, ensuring that these components are kept in UHV conditions This call for tender covers the supply of materials, manufacture, metrology, assembly, testing, cleaning and delivery of six identical Transfocators comprising:  A vacuum vessel  A vessel cover + cage  About cooled actuator + cartridge  About uncooled actuator + cartridge The actuator assembly comprises the vacuum vessel cover, which supports the pneumatic actuators + cartridges and the cage. The cage in itself serves as base support for the high precision reference rail. The cartridges move parallel to the X-Rays (~35mm) due to the pneumatic actuator action and are aligned with the X-ray beam by the high precision reference rail. Due to the very challenging alignment specifications, both the cartridges and rail are to be manufactured with very demanding tolerances.

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