Supply of B4C (Boron Carbide) shielding blocks for IO Port (AJI)


Forthcoming tender

Research Facility


The shielding strategy of IO Equatorial Port Plugs is based on the so called modular Diagnostic Shielding Module (DSM). This concept is based on achieving the best compromise of weight and shielding capability by using Boron Carbide. Boron Carbide is a ceramic material difficult to conform and expensive. The optimum (cheapest) use identified is then by standard pieces (small bricks) which arrangement may be flexibly adapted to the integration of the Port Plug (organized in shielding trays) while taking advantage of a simple and cheaper manufacturing as well as of reduction due to the escalation. The scope of this contract is precisely the procurement of the bricks of Boron Carbide for IO Equatorial Port Plugs.
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