Radiological and Environmental Monitoring System (REMS) – Ventilation Stack Monitoring.

Opening date

november 21, 2021

Closing date

februari 27, 2022


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The operation of the ESS facility generates ionising radiation and produces activated materials. In accordance with regulatory requirements, the Environmental Safety & Health Division’s Radiation Protection group is responsible for radiation monitoring and surveillance of conventional environmental parameters in and around ESS. This monitoring and surveillance is carried out by the Radiological and Environmental Monitoring System (REMS). ESS has two buildings with ventilation exhaust stacks where the air is drawn from radiologically controlled areas and released to the environment at height above the site. In line with ESS’s Environmental Monitoring Plan and the strict emmissions limits laid on the facility by the Swedish Radiological Authority, ESS is interested in learning about potential monitoring solutions for these stacks. The requirements can be broken down in to two main categories: sampling systems, where a sample medium is taken offsite to an external laboratory for measurement and secondly, online monitoring, where the data is displayed in near real time on ESS’s SCADA system as well as being used by dedicated analysis and air dispersion software.

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