HP Diamond attenuator Motorized Axis

Opening date

november 29, 2021

Closing date

januari 9, 2022


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Research Facility


Procurement of HP Diamond attenuator Motorized Axis for high power densities beamlines (ID03-ID14-ID18) These new installations require purchasing a batch of 12 HP Diamond attenuator motorized axis. 1.1.1 Environment: The diamond high power attenuators motorized axes will be installed in a vacuum vessel and then exposed to Ultra High Vacuum, p≤ 1x 10-8 mbar. 1.1.2 Temperature: Normal working temperature: Ambient temperature (outside). The surface receiving the beam might heat up to 100 °C. 1.1.3 Water pressure : 10 bar maximum in the water channels and 15 bars water hammer.

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Dr Mike Olsson

Business Developer & Project Manager

Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO): ESS, ILL and ESRF • Contact point MAX IV, ISIS


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