[358] REMS Area Monitoring Framework Agreement

Opening date

May 16, 2021

Closing date

September 23, 2021



Research Facility


The operation of the ESS facility generates ionising radiation and produces activated materials. In accordance with regulatory requirements, the Environmental Safety & Health Division’s Radiation Protection group is responsible for radiation monitoring and surveillance of conventional environmental parameters in and around ESS. This monitoring and surveillance will be carried out by the Radiological and Environmental Monitoring System (REMS). Part of the REMS scope is for a number of fixed installation pulsed field neutron and photon area monitoring systems used for measurements of dose rates and integrated dose around the ESS facility. The area monitoring will be used as a safety related system as part of ESS’s safety systems used to ensure that area classification is respected. The measurements from the system must be capable of generating local radiation alarms, transmitting remote radiation alarms and providing hardwired signals using Safety Relays when preset alarm thresholds are exceeded or in the event of a fault. ESS intends to procure up to 60 area monitors during the lifetime of the agreement.
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