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Company Profile
VBN Components delivers patented, near net shape metal tools and components with unique properties, manufactured through a specific 3D-printing process developed in house. The materials, branded Vibenite®, have exceptional wear resistance, high heat resistance and are pore free. Small and well-dispersed carbides contribute to the characteristics of the materials. No other company can 3D-print with such high carbide content. Within the range of materials is the hardest commercially available steel in the world, Vibenite® 290, as well as a unique cemented carbide – Vibenite® 480.

Core Competences
Patented alloys
High speed steel
Cemented carbide
Additive manufacturing
Cutting tools
Wear resistant components

Industry Sectors
Plastic processing

Most of our clients are confidential, but we have a very successful and official project with VOLVO Construction Equipment. Our gear hobs have proved to run twice as fast and cut twice as deep as their regular gear hobs in a top, traditional steel.

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Procurement Codes
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

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VBN Components AB
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Isabelle Bodén
Customer Relations
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