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ESS – [215] Rems Portal Monitoring

ESS – [215] Rems Portal Monitoring

Specific Advance Notice

Note that this is a Specific Advance Notice. The procurement is scheduled to start 15/07/2019

The operation of ESS generates ionising radiation and produces activated materials. Radiation will be monitored in accordance with regulatory requirements. This monitoring and surveillance will be carried out by the Radiological and Environmental Monitoring System (REMS). Part of the REMS scope is to provide the radiological monitoring of personnel, goods and vehicles arriving to and leaving the site. The System will continuously monitor ambient radiation at the entrance points to the ESS site to detect gamma sources and contamination of material passing through the gates. ESS has two entrance buildings known as F03 and F04. The Supplier will propose the configuration of portal monitors for F03 & F04. In addition, ESS also has need for a portable portal Detector assembly that can be set up outdoors at short notice in either an emergency or in the event an ad-hoc access point is required in the site perimeter. Monitoring solutions need to be procured for the following; 3 x 6m vehicle passages 2 x 3m goods and personnel passages 1 x 1m access door 2 x bespoke integrated speedgate / monitoring systems 1 x portable / mobile system The scope also includes delivery, installation and configuration manual, operating manual, mechanical installation drawings, full communication protocol, electrical installation drawings and electronic installation drawings.

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