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EISCAT - First stage receiver unit

EISCAT Scientific Association Call for Expression of Interest for First Stage Receiver Unit 

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Expression of interest closing date: 2018-03-29
Tendering specifications dialogue closing date: 2018-04-20
Closing date for offers: 2018-05-15
Latest validity date for offers: 2018-08-31 

EISCAT would like to emphasize that it is very important that all potential bidders monitor the specific tendering area in the EISCAT web-site ( on a regular basis in order to get access to possible changes and/or clarifications of the procurement, cancellations, questions & answers and all other information relating to this expression of interest.

EISCAT responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the documentation for this call for expression of interest is limited to the documentation published on EISCAT homepage and/or sent out by e-mail.

This call for expression of interest consists of two parts and two appendices. The first part consists of requirements for tender and Tenderer. The second part, starting at page 10, describes the intended terms and conditions of any future contract. The appendices include the preliminary technical description for the First Stage Receiver Unit (FSRU) and the requirements answer template to be used when responding to this call for expression of interest.

In order to qualify as Tenderer and to be invited to the tendering session, a Tenderer must consider and reply, using the requirements answer template, to all requirements stipulated in this call for expression of interest. The expression of interest must be received by EISCAT, at the latest, at the stipulated closing date, 2018-03-29.