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Go Virtual Nordic

The IT company Go Virtual Nordic, with head office in Göteborg, customises cost-effective data solutions with a focus in HPC (High Performance Computing).

With comprehensive expertise in the fields of HPC and AI, the company has forged ahead in the market. The cutting-edge company holds a unique position in areas such as HPC and supercomputers.

Big order to supply experiment stations at CERN

Research facilities handle vast quantities of data, making them an interesting market for Go Virtual Nordic. In 2020, Big Science Sweden contacted the company and drew their attention to a large upcoming procurement from CERN. They submitted a tender and won the order, which involves extensive deliveries linked to CERN’s upgrades of the experiment stations ALICE, LHCb and CMS at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

Research facilities handle vast quantities of data, making them an interesting market for Go Virtual Nordic.

“We are HPC architects who build efficient solutions in accordance with customer needs,” explains Peter Hjärn, HPC Sales at Go Virtual Nordic. “CERN wanted an upgrade of its network, which is the communication link between the servers that comprise its cluster technology. The network consists of communication components from Mellanox Technologies that are adapted to CERN’s needs. Our solution meets the crucial requirement for rapid communication between computers, servers and storage units.”

Experience of complex system solutions

As a small company, Go Virtual Nordic can be flexible and agile, and make quick decisions. The company can stand up against European HPC companies, shown not least by the big order from CERN, which led to increased sales in 2020.

“Go Virtual Nordic is a relatively small company, but we’re efficient and understand the customer’s needs, and we also have experience of building complex system solutions,” continues Peter Hjärn. “Our employees’ aggregated experience means we can offer attractive specialist expertise in the HPC field.”

Good opportunities for new business

Go Virtual Nordic is a well established HPC supplier in Europe, not least to the automotive industry, which is facing many new IT challenges. Self-driving cars and smart products are examples of areas that will require both AI technology and HPC solutions for storage capacity and for handling large data quantities. The research facilities are facing similar challenges.

“We monitor procurements from the facilities in Europe, and see good opportunities for new business in the future,” concludes Peter Hjärn.


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