Svep Design Center

Company Profile
Svep Design Center develops bespoke hardware and software combined with mechanical design. We specialize in embedded products as well as connected IOT devices, and are experts at investigating and solving complicated technical problems.
Our experience goes all the way back to the 70’s and the Z80 processor of the time. Today we work with everything from small M0’s right through to large dedicated servers. This wide range of processors requires an extensive knowledge-base of different operating systems such as multiple RTOS variants, Linux and Windows IoT.

Core Competences
Embedded products, IOT devices, electrical design, firmware development, antenna design, wireless technologies, batteries, turn-key projects, technical investigations, sensors, ultrasonics, problem solving, AR solutions.

Industry Sectors
Medical, industrial, consumer.

Examples of customers: Tunstall, IKEA, Mobill, HMS

Company Size

Procurement Codes
Electronics and radio frequency
Information technology

Contact Information
Svep Design Center AB
St. Lars väg 42A, SE 222 70 Lund, Sweden
+46 46 19 27 00

Mikael Hegardt
Business developer
 +46 46 19 27 03