Svennes Verktygsmekaniska


Company Profile
We are a machining company that are specialized in milling and turning field. We have a total of 27 employees, 20 persons in production and 7 persons in office/engineering. Besides milling and turning we can also offer welding and hardening. 
Svennes was founded in 1993 and is a family owned company. Our strength is our staff with know-how, and a huge range of long-term customers that have never left us.

Core Competences
We are one of the leading companies within machining in Blekinge area, and have a long experience within machining parts for science and nuclear research area. We have through the last 7 years delivered parts to different science plants as CERN and MAXV through our customer Scanditronix Magnet AB. We have a machine capacity of 25 CNC machines that can handle parts from 10mm up to 6000 mm. We also have a long-time experience within the marine area.

Industry Sectors
Marine, Water, Manufacturing Industry, Automotive, Energy, Mining, Wood processing, Machine building Industry, Science, Medicine.

SAAB Kockums, Xylem, NKT, ABB, Scanditronix, Modig Machine AB.

Company Size
Small 27 Employees.

Procurement Codes
Electrical engineering and magnets
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

Contact Information
Svennes Verktygsmekaniska AB
Tennvägen 15, SE 371 50 Karlskrona, Sweden

Elvis Nazdrajic
Site Manager
+46 455 615 791, +46 705 88 23 20