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måndag, 29 juli, 2019 - måndag, 26 augusti, 2019


Forthcoming tender

CERN - DO-32148/EP/UCM - Supply of 3D pixel sensors compatible with the PROC600 readout chip

This technical specification concerns the supply of 12 wafers, 150 mm diameter, with implanted “single side” 3D n-in-p pixel sensors in quad and single configuration compatible with 4 or 1 PROC600 readout chips on a single pixel sensor. The pixel sensor active cells shall have the same dimensions as the readout pitch of the PROC600 chip, which is 150 μm × 100 μm, and have two readout electrodes (‘2E’ configuration). The raw wafers to be implanted are not part of this technical specification and shall be provided separately to the contractor. Deliveries are foreseen within 28 weeks from notification of the Contract.

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