Öppning - Stängning

onsdag, 20 mars, 2019 - fredag, 26 juli, 2019


Forthcoming tender

ESS - [176] Mechanical Transport and Support Structure for Spoke Cryomodules

The items to be produced in this supply agreement are mechanical structures allowing transportation and installation of the spoke cryomodules in the accelerator tunnel of the European Spallation Source. It foresees the capability for transport, mechanical support and alignment of the spoke cryomodules. The design and mechanical stress analyses have already been carried out, so the contract will be a built-to-print. Manufacturing methods include cutting, welding, surface finishing and assembly, and the materials required are carbon steel, bronze, and standard articles to be procured by the manufacturer. The procurement will contain 2-3 full assemblies and 10-11 support structures, which are a sub-assembly of the complete item.

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