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onsdag, 20 mars, 2019 - fredag, 26 april, 2019


Forthcoming tender

ESS - [113] Inner shielding, third part

Observera att detta är en förhandsannons. Upphandlingen beräknas att påbörjas 21/03/2019

Supply contracts for the Manufacturing of the Monolith Inner Shielding. The Inner Shielding consists of a number of interconnected actively cooled steel blocks that provide a shielding function of the Monolith. It fits within the Covers, Penetrations and Monolith Vessel. This third part consists of 630 tons of stainless steel which have been machined to several interconnected blocks. Necessary expertise areas: Machining of hot rolled or forged steel plates, cutting, milling, drilling and welding. Pipe bending and welding of pipes. As an option ESS will provide the Stainless steel material.

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