Application for membership in Big Science Sweden

First, complete and submit the form. We will then contact you for a dialogue about how your company can supply to Big Science facilities.

As a member in Big Science Sweden, your company will be included in our searchable database and in The Swedish Guide. You will also be invited to participate in seminars, breakfast meetings, Swedish Pavilions at international events, conferences, visits to research facilities, training sessions… and much more. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events.

We provide practical support to companies aiming to conduct business with Big Science by matching procurements to your company and other high-tech suppliers. Our new service, Big Science Support, is there to help you conduct business with Big Science.

Please complete the form in English.

Application form

Include the SE- prefix before the post code.
Include telephone number (in international format, with the +46 prefix
Describe in 5-6 sentences what your company can offer the Big Science market.
List relevant key words that describe the skills and expertise your company can offer the Big Science market.
List the sectors in which your company operates
Make sure you include any references particularly relevant for Big Science.
Choose 1-2 codes (categories according to CERN) that best describe your core business activities.

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