Swedish Microwave AB

Contact information

Dynamovägen 5, 591 61 Motala, Sweden
46 141 216 136

Mats Holm
46 141 216 136


Company Profile

Swedish Microwave (SMW) is since 1986 a leading manufacturer of professional Low Noise Blockdownconverters (LNB) for the ground segments in the satellite market. All work is in-house allowing custom-design products, short delivery times, high flexibility, quick service and support. Swedish Microwave designs and manufactures its products in Motala, SWEDEN, and has shipped to more than 134 countries. Today we are Europe’s oldest manufacturer of Low Noise Block converters (LNBs), serving a global market.

Core Competences

RF-Design for in-/outdoor use RF-Production Satellite communications Telecommunications Lab and tests up to 43 GHz Production of custom protypes RF over fiber

Industry Sectors

Satellite Communications Electronics and radio frequency Telecommunications Research facilities


World leading telecommunication customers in 134 countries.

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