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Stream Analyze Sweden AB 
Sysslomansgatan 8, SE-753 11 Uppsala, Sweden

Tore Risch
+46 76 943 0522

Company Profile

Stream Analyze provides a platform for scalable and interactive analytics of data streams on edge devices. This software, sa.engine, is capable of running transparently on various devices, ranging from supercomputers over servers all the way down to electronic control units and embedded devices. Stream Analyze has substantial experience in integrating sa.engine in various environments and edge devices, catering to a wide variety of analytics and machine learning use cases. 

Core Competences

  • Interactive edge analytics engine  
  • Query processing and optimization engine  
  • Scalable data stream processing  
  • Database technology  
  • Scalable and parallel data processing, and machine learning  
  • Data integration and mediation  
  • Scientific data management

Industry Sectors

  • Automotive  
  • Manufacturing  
  • Utilities  
  • Science 


Stream Analyze is based on the scientific work performed at Uppsala Database Lab (UDBL). Over the years, UDBL has applied its software in Big Science, including:  

  • ASTRON 2004 -- 2006: Data stream analytics for the LOFAR antenna array.  
  • CERN 2002 -- 2007: Query optimizers for software searching Higgs Smart Vortex.  
  • Data stream analytics for industrial applications.  
  • Consortium member and co-founder of eSSENce, a research network for scalable data stream processing for e-science. 

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