Smoltek AB
Kaserntorget 7, 411 18 Göteborg, Sweden
+46 733 52 82 09

Ola Tiverman
Chief Operating Officer
+46 733 52 82 09

Company Profile

Smoltek specializes in development and integration of carbon nanostructure fabrication technology, mainly for the semiconductor industry and in the areas of advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration. Our technology platform is based on CMOS compatible low temperature catalytic growth processing. This enables controlled growth of exactly located and defined individual nanostructures, or clusters or films made of such nanostructures.

Core Competences

  • CNF Carbon NanoFiber
  • CNT Carbon NanoTubes
  • Semiconductor
  • Solid-state capacitor
  • Super capacitor
  • Interconnect
  • Thermal

Industry Sectors

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Passive component manufacturers
  • Microelectronic devices


Examining Carbon Nanofibers: Properties, growth, and applications Published in: IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine (Volume: 9 , Issue: 2 , June 2015)

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Procurement categories

- Electrical engineering and magnets
- Electronics and radio frequency

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Frida Tibblin Citron