Scanditronix Magnet

Scanditronix Magnet AB
Olvägen 28, 342 50 Vislanda, Sweden
+46 472 486 80

Mikael Vieweg
+46 472 486 81

Company Profile

Scanditronix is focused on production of magnets for accelerators and our long experience makes us strong when it comes to finding the best possible ways of realizing the customers’ needs. Scanditronix Magnet uses its long experience and professional engineering know-how to design and manufacture magnets for accelerators and other applications. We work closely with our customers in order to tailor magnets to suit each specific application.

Core Competences

  • Magnet field simulations
  • Magnet design
  • Coil and yoke manufacturing
  • Magnet field measurements
  • Project management

Industry Sectors

Manufacturing of electro magnets


We have delivered normal conducting magnets and coils for particle accelerators to:

  • Major accelerator laboratories; CERN, Rutherford, FERMI, SLAC, MAX IV, DESY, PSI, GANIL and more,
  • Major medical companies in the field of cancer treatment,
  • Other industry

Company size


Procurement categories

- Electrical engineering and magnets

Big Science Sweden contact

Håkan Nilsson