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RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, Division Safety and Transport
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Company Profile

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, with more than 2700 employees, develops and transfer technology for improving competitiveness and quality in society and industry. RISE works actively for the advancement of safety, conservation of resources and production of a sustainable environment with Sweden’s broadest and most sophisticated range of laboratory resources. RISE performs applied research and innovation in close liaison with industry, universities and international partners. In addition, RISE is hosting the Swedish National Metrology Institute (NMI) with responsibility for national primary measurement references. We perform research within metrological areas, developing new measurement standards and measurement techniques combining emerging scientific or industrial needs with RISE’s highest metrology expertise. The activities include development of measuring methods and instruments on behalf of customers.

Core Competences

RISE has interest and skills in several technology fields and extensive experience and laboratory resources at room temperature as well as at high and cryogenic temperatures under various conditions.

  • Vast experience and laboratory resources for electrical metrology. Both low and high voltage at DC, AC and pulses. At high voltage unique capabilities for onsite measurements.
  • Optical metrology including refraction and spectroscopy with application in e.g. measurements of low pressure and vacuum.
  • Developing equipment and methods for dissemination and synchronization of time and frequency.
  • Sensor development and methods for Positioning, Navigation and Time (PNT) including GNSS.
  • Extensive experience and laboratory resources within high-frequency and microwaves. This includes both wired and radiated microwaves, including world-leading resources for antenna measurements and testing.
  • Mechanical testing laboratories with sophisticated equipment for digital image correlation and acoustic emission and dimensional metrology ranging from nano- to global scales.
  • Fire safety including large laboratories with activities for prevention, limiting and extinguishing as well as investigations.
  • Excellent experience in signal processing with applications in remote sensing and sensor fusion including modelling and simulation with applications.


High voltage reference divider to CERN. Various measurement systems to more than fifteen metrology institutes around the world. National system for robust and correct time for the Swedish Internet infrastructure.

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Procurement categories

- Electrical engineering and magnets
- Electronics and radio frequency
- Information technology
- Optics and photonics
- Vacuum and low temperature
- Civil engineering, building and technical services
- Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

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