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Company Profile

We help you develop and manufacture solutions in stainless steel, and offer full support throughout the entire process from design and development of prototypes to production, assembly, quality controls and installation. Our engineers are often a part of our customers’ project teams from an early stage, and assist with materials expertise, design and product optimization. RFR Solutions is one of few suppliers who offer a complete production facility free from carbon steel.

Core Competences

We have a strong focus on technical expertise, quality and continuous improvement. Our Big Science projects are a key part of advancing our competencies. Here we work at the absolute forefront of technology and contribute to the development of new designs, materials (e.g. 316 LN) and production methods. We cooperate with scientists from several universities and help them develop equipment for some of the world's leading research facilities, such as CERN, MAX IV and ESS. The knowledge we gain from our Big Science projects benefits all our customers, regardless of industry, and enables us to ensure high quality and technical standards.

Industry Sectors

Our expertise is well known and proven in many different applications within the fields of med tech, energy, food, big science and green tech.


Due to confidentiality agreement with all our customers and with our key suppliers we are not allowed to publish any information concerning our customers and reference objects. When it comes to Big Science we are today working actively with CERN, ESS and MAX IV. Since some years we also have a close cooperation with the universities in Luleå, Lund and Uppsala regarding different areas of competencies.

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Procurement categories

- Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
- Vacuum and low temperature

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Riham Rafael