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Martin Kores
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Company Profile

Omnisys develops and manufactures customized scientific instruments for advanced science applications. We are a private company, operating profitably since 1992 and with 30 employees. Omnisys main experience comes from space projects were we successfully delivered several satellite subsystems and scientific payloads. Important products are power systems, (PCDU:s), microwave radiometer payloads, optical instruments and electrochemical instruments. Omnisys also has significant experience from delivering radiometer equipment for ground based radio astronomy, e.g. for the ALMA telescope in Chile.

Core Competences

Omnisys has a world leading experience in high frequency micro- and millimetre wave instruments. Other fields of expertise are electronics design, instrument control, power electronics, optical measurement systems, measurement software and optomechanical structures. Since we develop and manufacture complete instrument systems we have extensive experience from working together with the scientific user community and we have a unique understanding of scientific instruments on system level.

Industry Sectors

  • Space
  • Big Science


  • Microwave instruments to the Odin satellite (customer: Swedish Space Corporation)
  • PCDU:s for the SMART-1 moon probe (customer: ESA) and PRISMA satellites (customer: Swedish Space Corporation)
  • Phase lock system to the japanese SMILES mission (customer: JAXA)
  • Water Vapour Radiometers for the ALMA telescope in Chile (customer: ESO)
  • Cryogenic front end feeds for VLBI/VGOS radio telescopes (customer: Wettzell telescope and Toyo Corporation)
  • Front-end receivers for METOP SG, weather satellites (customer: Airbus Defence and Space)
  • Front-end components and Spectrometer for the Sub Millimetre Wave Instrument (SWI) on JUICE (customer: ESA)
  • Complete optical payload for the MATS satellite (customer: Swedish National Space Board)
  • Complete payload for the HABIT instrument on Exomars (customer: Swedish National Space Board)

Company size


Procurement categories

- Electronics and radio frequency
- Optics and photonics
- Vacuum and low temperature

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