Mikroverktyg AB
Hantverksvägen 5, 151 65 Södertälje, Sweden
+46 8 550 268 00

Lars Bohman
Sales manager
+46 705 50 64 39


Company Profile

Mikroverktyg is a leading supplier of tools, high-quality transmission components and advanced mechanical components incorporating Mikro-quality

Core Competences

  • Gears & Transmissions
  • High precision mechanics Tools
  • Power Skiving

Industry Sectors

Technology company with manufacturing/development services for industrial products and automation equipment.


We work on assignments from customers within the aerospace, defence, energy, industry, automotive and medical engineering sectors, all of which impose stringent demands and high expectations.

Company size


Procurement categories

- Civil engineering, building and technical services
- Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

Big Science Sweden contact

Frida Tibblin Citron