Mikroponent AB

Contact information

Postgatan 5, 331 30 Värnamo, Sweden
+46 370 69 39 70

Örjan Dahlstedt
Sales manager
+46 370 69 39 77


Company Profile

Mikroponent was founded in 1973, a well-known supplier, principally to the Scandinavian telecom, electronic and fine mechanical industries. Together we have a high level of expertise within product adaptation and manufacture of outline-cut thin metal products made from materials ranging from hardened steel to soft copper alloys with or without flexible supporting materials.

Core Competences

We manufacture high precision customer designed parts of thin metal foils or laminated flex films. The technique is well developed after more than 45 years of experience. We are partners to and deliver to electronics and fine mechanical industries. Our products are found in mobile phones and systems, cameras, flexible circuits, Blue Tooth, antenna elements for wireless communication, EMC-shieldings on PCB, instrumentation, sensors and camera video technology, medical equipment and aviation – space and defence industry.

Industry Sectors

Electronics • Design • Telecom • Precision-engineering • Optics • Food • Medicine • Space Aviation Defence Dental Home care Automotive Maritime Nuclear


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