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MB Scientific AB
Fålhagsleden 61, SE-753 23 Uppsala, Sweden
+46 18 29 0960

Mitsuse Matsuki
+46 18 29 0960


Company Profile

MB Scientific AB is a company that produces photoelectron spectroscopy instruments & systems. Our state of the art ARPES system MBS A1SYS gives scientists an opportunity for world leading research. Also, our experience of electron optics and electronics design provides effective consultation. 

Core Competences

Ultra-high energy resolution photoelectron detection, Electron optics simulation, Ultra-high precision electronics (DAC, PWM), Ultra-Hight Vacuum system design, and so on.


We have delivered our instruments to ALBA synchrotron in Spain, Synchrotron SOLEIL in France, Diamond light source in UK, MPI Dresden and Halle, Forschungszentrum also Univ. of Cologne in Germany, University of Amsterdam in Netherland, Various university and national laboratories in Japan, and few in China. 

Company size


Procurement categories

- Particle and photon detectors
- Vacuum and low temperature

Big Science Sweden contact

Fredrik Engelmark