Maskinteknik i Oskarshamn

Maskinteknik i Oskarshamn AB
Bilgatan 9, 572 51 Oskarshamn, Sweden
+46 491 382 820

Linda Sharp
Business Development
+46 491 38 28 27

Company Profile

Maskinteknik i Oskarshamn is a consulting and engineering company focusing on prototyping and manufacturing. The company has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing components, tools, instruments, equipment, and machines for the manufacturing industry as well as for research, development and innovation purposes. Maskinteknik offers solutions combining mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and intelligent control systems. Our strength is to manage technical development projects for product development, prototyping, 0-series and short series, most of which that can be manufactured in-house. The company has an extensive range of conventional, NC-controlled machines, and highly specialized machines, making it possible to do most types of machining in-house, such as milling, turning, drilling, spark-erosion machining, welding, water cutting, 3D-scanning and 3D-printing. We have 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing technical solutions for the nuclear fuel and waste management sector and a wide variety of other industries and sectors.

Core Competences

Technical development, technical consulting Prototyping, 0-series Design and manufacturing of components, tools, instruments, equipment, machines and machine Maskinteknik i Oskarshamn AB Bilgatan 9, SE-572 51 Oskarshamn, Sweden +46 491 382 820 Linda Sharp +46 491 38 28 27 systems High precision machining and manufacturing in copper, nimonic, steel and plastic materials

Industry Sectors

Nuclear fuel and waste management Nuclear industry Manufacturing industry Energy Automotive Wood processing, paper and pulp Marine Water Research facilities Machine building


Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company

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Procurement categories

- Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

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