KG Fridman

KG Fridman AB
Box 496, 652 21 Karlstad, Sweden
+46 54 18 52 15

Alain Lennquist
+ 46 703 17 67 62

Company Profile

KG Fridman AB, suppliers of advanced materials as well as high precision mechanics and sub-assemblies thereof. Machining and assembly of large and small, tightly toleranced mechanical components. We also offer components made of technical ceramics, ceramic/metal-composites with extreme properties, Molybdenum-graphite developed and used by CERN, heat-sink materials such as copper-diamond plus our own material developments within technical ceramics.

Core Competences

  • Tightly toleranced mechanical components and sub-assemblies - large and small
  • Technical ceramics
  • Ceramic/metal-composite materials, conductive materials for EDM
  • Ceramic nozzles
  • Spark plasma sintering
  • Graphite-Molybdenum
  • Copper-Diamond

Industry Sectors

  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Metrology
  • Big Science


  • CERN
  • GE Healthcare
  • SAAB
  • Hexagon

Company size


Procurement categories

- Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
- Particle and photon detectors
- Vacuum and low temperature

Big Science Sweden contact

Adam Wikström