Hamek AB
Åkervägen 13, 175 26 Järfälla, Sweden

Adam Dahlberg
+46 8 58 41 06 71


Company Profile

HAMEK AB is a well-established mechanical workshop specialising in the series production of aluminium and steel components with tight tolerances and high precision. The company is located in Stockholm and currently comprises of 20 employees. We work in accordance to ISO/ TS 16949 with control plans and screening processes for many of our components. This ensures optimal production and enables us to create the conditions whereby we maintain the constant high quality of our deliveries.

Core Competences

We distinguish ourselves by delivering consistently high quality, precision pieces. We have developed an inspection process that we use to control production and that helps us to maintain a stable quality. We often use computer-based measurement systems both for measuring and to later be able to do analysis. With this we have the basis for the further quality development of the individual articles and their control plans. In order to keep control of our processes’ capabilities, we apply Statistical Process Control as an active tool. Usually we measure our PPK and CPK values against a 12 sigma requirement.


Hamek has been a supplier to CERN since 2007

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Procurement categories

- Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

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