FieldRobotiX AB
Aurorum 1C , SE-977 75 Luleå, Sweden
+46 725 09 08 78

Dariusz Kominiak

Company Profile

FieldRobotiX develops hardware and software to enable autonomous UAVs to inspect harsh environments, such as underground mines, construction tunnels and other related ones. The developed autonomous UAV solutions can provide access to unreachable, complex, dark and dangerous locations for the monitoring personnel, exploring the area and minimizing service and inspection procedures, while minimizing down-times. FieldRobotiX creates innovative solutions and services that will enable the next step in automation and the further deployment of aerial robotic workers in multiple applications for achieving a real impact in the field from a safety and productivity point of view.

Core Competences

Embedded autonomy and obstacle avoidance. 2D and 3D mapping. Detection of the irregularities. In-house hardware and software development.

Industry Sectors

Any sector where inspection of unreachable, complex, dark and dangerous locations is needed.


Mining Industry

Company size


Procurement categories

- Health, safety and environment

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Adam Wikström